Vacuum Pumping System for Waste Oil Re-Refining

  • High vacuum of the oredr of 0.01 Torr or better.
  • Instantaneous start-up options, no warm up time required.
  • Extremely low recurring costs & low specific.
  • Power consumption.
  • Totally dry mechanical vacuum pumping system with zero steam consumption.
  • No effluent discharge hence eco-friendly.
  • Resistant to minor load variations.
  • Entirly mehanical & compect design.
  • High operation speed & very less pumps dowm time.
  • Can work at various pressure at different time to get the desired vacuum level.
  • Less vibration & less noise, hence can be placed at height.
  • Vacuum system available for dehydration, light oil cut and lube oil cuts.
  • Robust design rated for continus duty application.
  • Unique dry pumping system with interstage traps to arrest all vapor.
  • Process spcific engineered electric control panel for total automation.
  • Good products quality, yielding higher profitablity.
  • Very low pay back period.
  • Dosen't add to any heat load on cooling tower.
  • Excellent after sales service.
  • Zero effluent discharge.
  • Economically replace steam Ejectors.
  • Bettery recovery.
  • Low kettle temperature resulting in low clay treatment.
  • Minimum vapors carryover to atmosphere.
  • Temendous savings over steam Jet ejectors

Dry mechanical vacuum pumping system are now extensively being used to attain heighest levels of vacuum in various applications. MPC offers system for complete waste oil distillation for both continous duty and batch processes. Indevidual customization is done for process such as dehyfration.

Light oil cut and lube oil cut . These system can be designed for vacuum requirments of vacuum distillation and short path/molecular distillation.

MPC vacuum sysytem are custom designed compact skid mounted packages having a compbination of pumps, inter stage traps and diameters with process speifically engineerd electric control panel for total automation.